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To the best of my knowledge, “Blown For Good” is Marc Headley’s first book.   As a person that loves literature, this is staying on my book shelves for years to come, and here’s why.

The forward, written by Mr. Rathbun, demonstrates how vastly different experiences can be in Scientology.  I’ve always said “Experiences may vary”, when talking about religion.  Former and current members of any other religion/school of though/philosophy would tell you the same thing.

The book immediately grabs your attention, with a stark story of escape.  It’s so unfathomable that this is happening in America, it makes you wonder what else has gone on under the radar.  Danny Dunagin, I just don’t know what to even say or think about this guy.  I feel kinda sorry for him, because in YouTube videos he seems tough and girly at the same time.   See also:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHOqzYQHufA , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR7iaOyz3MY&NR=1   I know I shouldn’t because he attacked AnonOrange and other people, but I wonder what tales he would have to tell. 

So, Mr. Headley explains the structure and how he became a Scientologist to begin with.  It’s a lesson that fact can be stranger than fiction: this is not how your average American grows up.  His descriptions of being at the schools, and in particular the Complex evoked laughter at times, deep sadness at others.  At one point, he describes a 8-year-old girl standing in a pot to clean it because she is too small to stand at the sink to get it cleaned. 

In describing life at Golden Era Productions, I was surprised but not.  I knew it was bad, but some interesting details were revealed.  I’d say what they are, but that would kill the surprise for future readers.

The ending made the book impossible to put down.  It reminded me of the ending of “Valley of the Dolls”, just enthralling.  Claire Headley appears in the book at first as a great wife, and in the end you can see how clever and brave she is.  Good prevails over evil, what a story book ending!

I’m hoping Mr. Headley continues to write, he has a natural talent for it.  Here’s my review on youtube, which didn’t convey all I wanted to say:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy8OcoGnHd4   After the holidays are over, I will be getting Nancy Many’s book “My Billion Year Contract”.


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