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Being a Wisconsin native, the past few years of economic decline has lead to social decline.  Friends from the Milwaukee area have told me of entire unemployment benefit checks going to binge-drinking fueled by lay-offs.  I’ve noticed more kids talking to me about abuse they suffer at the hand of their alcoholic parents, noticed the bars have been more filled with people, drunken driving is on the rise, and more are homeless in my beautiful state I begrudgingly call home.

This was no more evident than yesterday evening.  My fiance`s mother was over at 9:00 p.m. to wish me a happy birthday.  About 10 minutes later, my landlady and her drunken-cohort (a neighbor) came up to the apartment to threaten to kick me out because I have friends that come over.  My 71-year old landlord told me that because I had a black friend that I am “peddling drugs”.  I have a clean criminal history, never tested positive on a toxicology screen, good work history, and a fairly good reputation.  By the time everyone had left, I realized that by association, I was a victim of racial stereotyping.  I am so offended and alienated, I would rather stay in a camp ground in a tent than be here. 

In many ways I’ve noticed that when the economy is in ruins, people don’t have as many “things” occupying their time, therefore they start to nit-pick each other to death or drink.  Both have a social impact.  Another good example is my front yard.  In the past two years, 4 signs have been knocked over by drunken-drivers and a young man died after driving drunk into a tree at 5:00 a.m.  Friends have been fired from my company for pettier things than in the past, and unemployment is a factor into all of this.  When people have less responsibilities, they generally act that way too.

With all that said, I cannot wait to move.  I hope I can remain gainfully employed.


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