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Scientology has reminded me of a lot of things, and all I ever read was Dianetics.  It’s not because I’m a Scientologist, it’s by observing the many groups surrounding this semi-mysterious, controversial group.  As someone who tries to study every religion, I find myself on a middle road in terms of opinion.  People are entitled to believe what they want, but there ought to be limits to actions perpetuated in the name of religion.  History should have taught us this.

Like almost every other religion, Scientology has gone under a lot of scrutiny.  I think it is justified and logical, as part of the human reasoning process, we should question the validity of everything that comes our way.  From its inception, it was not well-received by governments because of its activity.  Most famously, Scientology was convicted of making the largest government infiltration in American History.  It should be also noted, that Paulette Cooper and the Mayor of Clearwater were “fair gamed” before David Miscavige came along.   The publication of a book about this was banned because of Scientology lawyers.  Lisa McPherson changed a lot of things, and now reading Marc Headley’s new book, I realize her passing made a lot of lives miserable.  It wasn’t just her family like I thought, everyone but the person responsible got punished, and this makes my flesh crawl.  It’s wrong in so many ways, I have a hard time coming up with words to describe it.  Lisa suffered, her family did, and so did Scientologists.  It’s odd this woman, who cannot speak, still resonates with purpose.

Fast forward past the tax exempt status to January of 2008.  Then Anonymous arrived, like a Calvary out of the dark midst of the internet.  They caught someone smacking a cat against the wall and made sure that person was punished for this heinous act.  Also, our awesome Canadian friends to the north from Anonymous caught a pedophile by using their brains and computers alone.  They went out to protest this semi-mysterious group, and all of a sudden the flood gates opened.  Information from left and right, and I had to buy Dianetics.  I had to know what I was talking about, the fundamentals.  It was boring to me, but someone else could find it interesting.  Anyway, I realize now that it’s a heck of a lot more complicated than that. 

The social structure within is absolutely filled with acronyms.  I’m studying medical terminology, and from this perspective one rivals the others in groups of letters, I swear.  The corporate structure of shell groups is not so amazing when you find out how it’s done.  RadioPaul1 of youtube has done a number of videos on this very subject, of closed down orgs, mailbox organizations, and orgs in strange places.  At the cable store in Hudson Valley, NY there’s a Scientology sign inside a cable payment center.  Scientology reminded me fact can be stranger than fiction.  There was a quote about the tone scale: 

  • In any event, any person from 2.0 down on the Tone Scale should not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind, because by abusing those rights he brings into being arduous and strenuous laws which are oppressive to those who need no such restraints.
    • The “Tone Scale” is Scientology’s measure of mental and spiritual health; p. 145
  • No Scientologist has ever really been able to adequately explain this quote to me.  I would appreciate it if anyone could give it a shot.

    My interpretation would be this: There are a lot of people who are 2.2 on the tone scale, more than most people know.  This would also adjust with changes times, like “The Great Depression”.  You think people weren’t depressed?  Because of these natural fluctuations, I would be innocently assuming that LRH didn’t mean it literally,  but then I read the following:

  • Unfortunately, it is all too often true that suppressors to a creative action must be removed before construction and creation takes place. Any person very high on the Tone Scale may level destruction toward a suppressor.
    • p. 159
  • There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the Tone Scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts. The first is to raise them on the Tone Scale by un-enturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes. The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.
    • p. 170
  • The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the Tone Scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered.
    • p. 170
  • A Venezuelan dictator once decided to stop leprosy. He saw that most lepers in his country were also beggars. By the simple expedient of collecting and destroying all the beggars in Venezuela an end was put to leprosy in that country.
    • p. 171
  • Scientology is not fluff, butterflies, daydreams, or making shapes out of clouds.  It’s not tea-leaf reading crapola, Scientologists fiercely defend this mode of thought, philosophy, religion.  They are dedicated, hard-working, cut-throat at times, creative, debaters, and I also found they can be great people.

    Paul Haggis recently gave up the Church of Scientology after 35 years because of the church’s support of Prop 8.  Sherry Katz and Mary-Jo Leavitt both wrote KRs (Knowledge Reports) that brought for the reality of what it is like to work under David Miscavige-Era Scientology.  It is not an “Ice Cream Social” or anything of the sort.  When Mr. Rathbun, along with other people such as Amy Scobee, Sinar Parman, Jackie Wolff, Gary Morehead, Mike Rinder came out with shocking stories also, of what it is like to serve someone who seems to, by many accounts, has an issue with megalomania.  Beating, unusual punishment, imprisonment is no laughing matter and is completely unacceptable.  You can’t call something a religion to abuse people, religion doesn’t work that way.   These folks had some great words when faced with irrelevant and silly pieces of information the church used to make itself look like the victim. 

    Tommy Davis, the newest spokesthing, sent a response to the Times, which is quite telling.  See it here: http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientology/article1012575.ece  My favorite part is where Tommy said Rinder was resentful because he couldn’t roam with dogs in the big grass anymore or some crap like that.  His response was:  “I don’t want to run in toxic grass with rabid dogs”.  I think that was well said.

    Tommy Davis, the poor kid.  He’s so bad at being the fall guy, it’s like watching a train wreck in slow-motion.  He at first said:  “I’m not familiar with that material”, to being offended about Xenu.  He also lied about disconnection.  A lady in Scientology had told a recently left OTVIII’s friends to take her off their Facebook.  That’s disconnection, that’s cutting off communication.  Another irregularity which I found to be sad and amusing at the same time:  Sherry Katz is awaiting her SP Declare because it GOT CLOGGED IN THE INTERNETS.  Meaning, her SP declare was emailed to people she didn’t even know.  Disconnection is part of the SP Declare, which you can read about here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SP_Declare#Abuse_of_the_.22Suppressive_Person.22_label

    More about the internets, in recent blogs written by Scientologists, I think they perceive Anonymous as a threat or a pack of bullies, which is quite far from the truth.  In getting to know people from Anonymous, they come from almost every walk of life, in all different colors and sizes.  They may make noise, not to be jerks, but to grab attention.  When people like Uwe Stuckenbrock die in the RPF of multiple sclerosis, it’s not about fun and games.  When we find a picture of a man who died in the Fort Harrison Hotel, his skin nearly boiled off his body, the public gets freaked out.  When Tom Cruise went under a drastic personality change in 2004, the world noticed.  I think Scientology’s first big mistake was trying to stop the flow of free information.  One man had said; “The internet will be Scientology’s Waterloo”.  A Dutch woman, Ms. Spaink, was taken to court for 10 years and eventually won her case to post information about Scientology on the internet.  Trying to suppress information makes the public angry, suspicious, and can incite negativity.  Other religions have no problem posting their information for free.

    So, I think the main purposes behind Anonymous would be:  stopping abuses, freedom of information, and at least lowering the cost of (or making it free) Scientology.  That’s been my observation.  Some people take issue with the doctrine itself, and what I would say to that is: all religious text is open to interpretation.  However, because of Scientology closing itself off from the world for such a long time, both sides have an attitude of distrust.

    Anonymous hasn’t assaulted a single Scientologist, but there are incidents of Scientolgists assaulting protesters.  This is strange and unacceptable behavior as well.  Don’t believe me?  Please have a look at:  Lady protesters from Copenhagen gets shoved http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPBpS-TEjug , a minor in London  getting hit in the face by a handler  http://www.youtube.com/user/trapsicle , the infamous starbucks guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4_b3z2E-0I , Tommy Gorman (Former Scientologist) got assaulted and charges were filed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kpvsB_At_I , news coverage of Nashville assault of college student http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvHpFtjNg_c , the infamous Anon Orange assault at Gold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTR07SgrXfU , and there are many others.   On the subject of youtube, here’s me:  http://www.youtube.com/user/Shalindriaharam

    To date, no one has shown me a video of Anonymous hurting anyone.   They are not a terrorist group or a cult, it’s a loose collection of individuals who find the behavior of CO$ to be unacceptable.  I concur, and the reason they wear masks is so that they are not “fair gamed” and have their medical privacy violated like The Pope  http://www.angrygaypope.com .  The cameras are used as evidence, CO$ likes to make false accusations.

    All that considered, I’m on the fence in regards to Scientology.  Dianetics wasn’t my cup of tea, but who am I to judge?  I’d be a hypocrite, however making observations is fair.  Scientology itself deeply needs reform.  Mormonism is a modern-day example of religious reformation, but my favorite example was Martin Luther.  He attempted to reform the Catholic church, that brave soul.  They tried to kill him over it, but in the end good prevailed.  We now have the denomination Lutheranism, which is somewhat like Catholicism, just a heck of a lot less dogmatic.  Today Martin Luther’s observations about Catholicism ring true.

    In summation, I would like to refer my favorite David Bowie song, Heroes.   “We can be heroes, even just for one day”. Protesters, Anonymous, Freezoners, Ex Scientologists like Jason Beghe and Tory Christman, Independents, Critics like 13Heathens http://www.youtube.com/user/13Heathens, Writers like Marc Headley (I loved the book) and Paulette Cooper, Apostates like Tommy Gorman, these people are the heroes.  The dethroning of Miscavige should be the primary objective, his behavior has gone too far.  Someday (in a perfect world), I would like to see Scientologists sharing their beliefs in the same manner other religions do.  People fear what they do not understand, this is a big barrier to overcome.  However, it is possible.


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    There are times in everyone’s lives where we have been bullied.  Whether it’s a racist landlord, a perverted boss, an angry co-worker,  an alcoholic relative,  a fellow student, or maybe someone who was trusted.  Part of growing up is growing a backbone, which to me doesn’t necessarily mean do the same back.  A good friend once told me, “what you allow to remain will continue”.  I’m learning this more and more as the years go by, and how to stop bullies in their tracks.

    My secret trick is to do the exact opposite back to them, or ignore them.  Nothing angers a bully into doing something stupid more than not being paid the attention they believe they deserve or crave.  When someone is ruthless to you, don’t do it back.  Sinking to their level is what a bully wants, because bullies are secretly miserable people who put on facades.  They hide behind false bravado, lawyers, muscles, or anything they can do to put up a defensive shield. 

    Bullies will cross all of our paths, and the one thing that can be learned is that he bullied often become bullies themselves.  It’s a defensive reflex to do something equally horrible or worse to someone who has tried to push you around.  However, this accomplishes nothing but feeding animosity and true discontent.  The feeling of having revenge, I have found, is futile.  It is short-lived and only makes things worse in the end anyway.

    After having learned this, came a rushing feeling to not caring what others think.  Standing a little straighter, extending olive branches when applicable, and knowing when to burn bridges is the freedom I found in overcoming bullies.  For anyone reading this is being bullied, I hope you know you’re not the first or the last. 

    Young people have been bullied to death (literal suicide) for their weight, social status, economic status, ethnicity, beliefs, and almost any other small part of a person.  One girl in England who was 13 years old killed herself after being picked on mercilessly for her weight.  I will never forget her face, she looked like a cherub.  There was nothing wrong with her.  I, for one, wish this issue was addressed more often than it is.

    Thank you for reading

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    Dear Mr. President Obama

    My name is Jessica, I’m from Wisconsin, and I am worried about the state of affairs in Scientology. I know it is controversial, and we all want to enjoy the freedom of religion in America. However, I write to you today because of the things I have observed as an critic of Scientology. I would like to begin with Gold Base in Gilman Hot Springs, California. This place is surrounded by numerous motion detectors, cameras mounted in trees, speakers meant to drown out the sound and discourage protesters, and the most disturbing are the large spikes on the top of the fences that face inward. They do resemble knives in their size and shape. If you do not believe me, please visit http://www.angrygaypope.com and look at all the pictures this man has of this place. He stands from the road and can see the spikes. In this place, there is a organization headed by Scientology, the Rehabilitation Project Force. People live in horrible conditions, with less than $20 a week in salary for 12-hour work days. Sometimes they have to work seven days in a row. A man, Uwe Stuckenbrock died in this place of Multiple Sclerosis. He couldn’t even talk and he wasn’t admitted to the hospital. This is human slavery sir, and I don’t think this should be tolerated on American soil. If you want further proof, look at their social security payments. How are these people going to retire? If they want to leave, some do so under duress. There is this thing called a “freeloaders” debt. They have to work off their “religious services”, or be bullied into paying thousands of dollars for “religious services”. There’s is also an “Eagles Nest” overlooking the property. This can be used to keep an eye on followers so that they are not slacking off. Even more disturbing, this could be used to shoot people with a sniper rifle. An Armenian arms dealer has been connected with Scientology and was sentenced to 20 years in prison for dealing arms. Artur Solomonyan was here on a “religious workers” visa from Scientology, then convicted of terrorism. There have  been reports  from Ex-Scientologists that they have more people working for them that are here illegally from other countries. Homeland Security needs to check the documents of all religious workers.
     The next issue is abuses by David Miscavige. In a Tampa Bay Times article, ex-members have told stories of horrible abuses by this leader. There were stories of him choking, kicking, punching, and humiliating staff members. There are also stories about him encouraging violent behavior among his juniors. Please see the article “The Truth Rundown”. One woman told a story of being screamed at by over 300 of her peers for not producing enough e-meters. Also, the e-meters are supposed to have warning labels that they are not meant for any medical use. There have been several youtube.com videos showing the warning labels missing. I will be contacting the FDA regarding this issue. I will also contact the AMA over the fact that two men’s medical information was released by churchworker Muriel Dufresne. She is a criminal who broke the HIPAA Act and told Riverside County Sherrif’s deputies that they were HIV positive and that she thought they shouldn’t be there because of their “medical status”. I do not have HIV or AIDS, but I find this to be infuriating. Being religious doesn’t give you free reign to break whatever laws you want.


    There’s also a great deal of concern about the critics of Scientology (portion ommitted for privacy reasons) I cannot reveal my name for fear of my own personal saftey. Personally, Scientologists on the internet have threatened to “get me on the streets”, rape me, and get me locked up in a looney bin “like Paulette Cooper”.

     The state of health and whereabouts of other Scientologists have been called into question. Heber Jentzsch has been missing from public eye for a good five years, and no one has heard if it he is still alive or dead. He was last known to be at the Gold Base in Hemet in the SP hall, sleeping under a desk. Mrs. Shelly Miscavige has been out of the public eye for at least 3 years. She is not pictured in Scientology events, which has changed. There’s many other families who were denied the right to speak to their daughters in particular. This is a very disturbing trend. Maureen Bolstad hasn’t seen her twin sister in years, and has been denied the constitutional right of free speech to actually send her a letter.

    The subject of human trafficing is being brought up at the Marc Headley lawsuit (Marc and Claire Headley Vs. Church of Scientology) and has been brought up by former Scientologists and critics alike. There are remote sites such as Trementina, the Ranch in Creston, and Petrolia (a large underground vault in Northern California) are the places we know about. Currently, another underground mine to store “spiritual information” is being built in remote Wyoming. Why do they need all these underground, remote facilities? This information is enclosed in glass, written on platinum, steel, and gold. When news stations try to get near these places, they are always met with avoidance. The very minimum amount of information is given and journalists are discouraged from going near Scientology sites or asking questions.

    During the making of documentaries and news coverage such as BBC’s Panorama, A&E Investigative Reports, Journalists from Time Magazine, among others have reported getting harassed, followed, and intimidated for their reporting. Two women that are free speech advocates/activists would be Lirra Bishop and Julie Waltz. Other People have spoken to the County Board of Supervisors about concerns that residents at Golden Era Productions do not vote for some strange reason. Also, a man was assaulted by Scientology guards had spoken to police about the incident, they refused to press charges even though there was sufficient video evidence.  All their “No Trespassing” signs are not legal, therefore completely invalid.

    I have been thinking and meditating on the matter of Scientology ending, and they aren’t pretty thoughts at all. Basically, it could be numerous human catastrophes. That’s why I’m writing you this urgent letter. You see, my first concern is people of the church, OTs in particular. Of all the levels of Scientology, OTs seem to have the highest suicide rate of anyone in the church, aside from those being pressured for money.  And with the idea of reincarnation, some may harm themselves in the church fallout. Think of all those people that have no job skills, far from family, in remote locations (like Trementina), with over 20 years in the church. Some may have mental breakdowns. Also, there’s DM and his croonies. I’m worried for critics because devoted Scis might do like the people did in Jonestown. With the malignant personality that David Miscavige possesses, he might hurt people.

    We all know he is capable and willing. Many things are common with Jonestown. If you want to prevent another catastrophe like Waco, Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, and the Solar Temple suicides, you’ll have the right people questioned, Mr. Miscavige thrown in federal prison for breaking labor and civil rights laws, and raid all bases of Scientology. When people are kept as slaves, this is intolerable.  Absolutely intolerable and bordering on unfathomable. But it’s very much a reality you need to have looked into. Even ex-Scientologists who were once high-ranking officials seem scared for the safety and well-being of their fellow Scientologists. Don’t wait until this gets out of hand.

    This is part of the letter I’m sending the president, along with other state representatives, lawmakers, human rights groups, and many others.




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